Friday, March 15, 2019 letters: Sen. Cory Gardner let us down

Sen. Gardner let us down

In 2020, Colorado’s sorry excuse for a senator will come up for re-election. He has consistently demonstrated that he will support Donald Trump, and thereby stay in the good graces of his “essential-for-re-election ‘Trump Base.’ ”

Unfortunately for the citizens of the state he should be supporting, this blind allegiance to Trump has clouded Gardner’s ability to stand up for what is right for Colorado and for the country. His vote Thursday not to rebuke Trump’s funding of an unnecessary and ineffective “wall” is an embarrassment to all of us who live in Colorado. His vote clearly shows he has no idea what “separation of powers” is all about.

There is no emergency, and no expert familiar with “border security” has ever supported the Trump wall. Gardner is not who should be representing us as a senator. Colorado has become a state full of progressive, caring, thoughtful and informed citizens who see through the blind allegiance to Trump for what it is: an act of desperation to please “The Trump Base.”

Cory Gardner must not be re-elected. His overly conservative views and blind allegiance to Trump is not where Colorado is headed. He is not representative of the feelings of the great state of Colorado.

Christopher A Mills, Pueblo

He waited and waited, then chose Trump over Colorado and the Constitution. Cory Gardner is wrong on the facts; there is no crisis at our southern border, except what Trump created. Trump admits there is no emergency; he just wants to spend our tax money on his wall, and spend more, faster. The Constitution says Congress decides all spending matters. Gardner’s “all-in” for Trump, not for us. See ya, Cory.

Jim Engelking, Golden

Red light, green light?

Traveling to a medical appointment on Thursday morning, we almost witnessed several terrible vehicle accidents. The north-wind- driven snow had filled in the cups surrounding the traffic lights. This blocked motorists from seeing any of the signal lights, not red, not green or yellow.

At the stoplights where eastbound Hampden intersects with South Sante Fe cars heading south on Sante Fe were traveling through that intersection at around 45 miles per hour. They were not seeing the red light aimed at them while cars turning north onto Sante Fe had a green arrow. Several turning vehicles slammed on their brakes at the last moment to avoid being T-boned, and one actually gunned across to the far lane to avoid that fate.