Saturday, March 15, 2019 letters: Baker could post a list of who he will not serve

Baker could post a list of who he will not serve

Re: “Can I just be a cake artist again?” March 10 commentary

“Can I just be a cake artist again?” opines Jack Phillips of the recently prosecuted (and, in his opinion, persecuted) Masterpiece Cakeshop.

Sure. But for the sake of future customers, would you please post notice of which clients violate your interpretation of scripture and thus won’t be served?

Obviously, rainbow flags and non-traditional uses of pink and blue will be turned away, but what about Stars of David and crescent moons?

And will Moroni cake toppers pass muster? After all, Billy Graham called Mormonism “a cult.” Or the descendants of Ham? Do you draw the line on people cursed by God (allegedly)? How will you discern their moral worth before accepting cash or charge? Decisions, decisions!

Now that “Green Book” won an Oscar, perhaps it’s time to revive its historical antecedent for the 21st century, creating a directory of non-sectarian businesses accepting any and all customers. It sure would help the insufficiently pious navigate this new marketplace of “deeply held religious beliefs” and keep their moral turpitude from sullying someone’s cash register.

John Wilkens, Boulder

Uphill battle for disabled activists on Capitol Hill

It has been a brutal week for activists with disabilities working to pass state legislation. Behind the scenes of any bill is a network of lobbyists and citizens working to push that legislation forward.

When committee meetings are delayed by 2,000-page bill readings, 70 unfriendly amendments, or committee hearings held in blizzard conditions, citizens are denied their voice. Moreover, they are gravely inconvenienced and are at risk of giving up on the legislative process.