Sunday, March 17, 2019: Taking another run at oil and gas regulation

Taking another run at oil and gas regulation

It’s hard for me to put into words how disappointed I am in the recent decisions of lawmakers to subvert citizens, the voting process, and the entire democratic process on several key pieces of legislation being shoved through committee affecting the state that I grew up in and call home.

In particular is Senate Bill 181, which has profound impacts on the oil and gas industry — an industry that our firm supports by engineering safe, reliable infrastructure. Recently, I attended several committee readings and town hall events and was astonished to see hysteria and fear elevated over fact and hard data on everything from air quality to industry practices. Almost all of the talking points from the “pro-181” movement can be partially or completely debunked. Our entire industry is asking for a fair voice at the table on decisions that impact our livelihoods and will further promote a healthy, inclusive discussion.

As the owner of Summit Engineering Services, I open my doors to anyone who is interested in learning how we work with oil & gas producers, operators, landowners, and communities to collaboratively design infrastructure (well pads, pipelines, gas plants, etc.) which is safe for the people working and living in and around these facilities.

Let’s all put down our swords and bring people together to discuss the pros and cons of energy development of all kinds and the impacts it would have on all citizens and property owners.

Jack Hamlin,

Re: “Oil and gas reform for a better Colorado,” March 10 editorial

I am pleased to see that The Denver Post has endorsed SB 181, Protect Public Welfare Oil and Gas Operations. This bill passed the Senate on March 13. It will now go to the House. This is an important step for the safety and health of all Colorado citizens. Contact your representatives now and urge them to vote yes.

This bill redefines the primary mission of the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to protect public health, safety and welfare, including protection of the environment. COGCC has been acting as a promoter of the oil and gas industry, rather than as a regulator.

This bill also creates local control for cities and counties allowing them to set regulations as called for by their residents. This bill will promote the safety of residential areas and particularly of schools from the hazards of fracking.