Chucky Plays a Deadly Game of Peekaboo in First Child’s Play Clip

A new sneak peek of this month’s Child’s Play Remake has been released, showcasing Chucky tormenting his new pal Andy. In the clip, Andy has clearly discovered Chucky’s homicidal nature by this point, and is hunting for the doll with a bat. Taking advantage of technology and wifi, Chucky mocks Andy with various electronics before taunting him with video footage taken of his mother. Notably, the clip features plenty of Chucky’s voice from new voice actor Mark Hamill, giving us our best idea yet as to how exactly he will sound in the new movie.

Mark Hamill has some pretty big shoes to fill taking over the role of Chucky from Brad Dourif. As horror fans know, Dourif has provided the voice of Chucky in every previous installment of the series, starting with the 1988 original. One of the biggest complaints fans had about the reboot is that it would omit Dourif as Chucky’s voice, and it didn’t seem any other actor would be able to do just as well. Casting Hamill was nothing short of a brilliant decision, as they cast basically the one person nobody could really be upset over. Not only is Hamill a beloved member of the Star Wars franchise, he’s established himself as an amazing voice actor by voicing the Joker in many Batman animated movies, shows, and video games.

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Joining Hamill in the cast are Aubrey Plaza (Parks and Rec) as Karen Barclay, Gabriel Bateman (Lights Out) as her son Andy, and Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) as Detective Mike Norris. While many diehard fans of the original movies were very skeptical about seeing a reboot, there haven’t been many complaints on the new cast. While Plaza and the others seemed to be welcome additions to the franchise, the most concern was over how Chucky was going to sound with a new voice actor. As the sneak peek preview shows, Hamill is doing just fine in the role, adding his own unique touch to the new version of the classic character.

Dourif will still voice Chucky again in 2020, when Syfy brings its Chucky TV series to the small screen. The series will pick up directly after 2017’s Cult of Chucky with no connection to this month’s movie. There has been some concern from horror fans about there being two Child’s Play timelines operating concurrently, but if the new movie does well, that can only help the series by bringing more attention to the franchise. There’s no reason why both can’t be enjoyed in their own right.

Child’s Play will hit theaters everywhere on June 21. In some of the promotional posters for the movie, shade has been thrown at Toy Story 4, which is also opening on the same day. This includes showing the remains of Woody and Slinky Dog at the little hands of the new Chucky. For some horror fans, Child’s Play will be the doll movie they’ll be seeing when that day comes. Until then, you can catch a sneak peek at the movie from Orion Pictures