City crews, police remove homeless camp along South Platte River in Englewood

About 75 people who were living in a homeless encampment along the South Platte River in Englewood have a deadline to relocate by the end of Tuesday.

City officials, police, mental health providers and volunteers are working with anyone still in the area to provide access to resources, transport property and work on shelter options, Englewood police Sgt. Chad Read said.

People have camped along the embankment on city property for years in the area, but the numbers have increased in the past few months and the area has been designated a nuisance under city code, Read said. He attributes that partly to Denver’s camping ban

“The landscape changed since so many people are down there,” Read said. “What we have encountered is human waste, trip wires and needles.”

And much of that makes its way into the river, he added.

The city posted signs alerting people of the cleanup and removal May 21.

The process is going well with a lot of voluntary compliance, Read said.

“This is obviously a national epidemic and we are doing our best to be empathetic to the situation here and offering these folks as many resources as we possibly can,” he said.

This is a developing story and will be updated.