Wanted: CSU Cubs fans worthy of outgoing President Tony Frank’s “W” flag

Colorado State University President Tony Frank is cleaning out the office as he transitions into a full-time role as Chancellor of the CSU system.

Among the items on the to-do list for the longtime Chicago Cubs fan: Finding another Fort Collins home for the “W” flag that has hung from his office window many a day during the past 10 years.

The president went so far as to send out an email to the university’s student body requesting applications from any group of 4 or more students willing to accept the responsibility. The single-page essays — 12-point Calibri font only, please — should be sent to presofc@colostate.edu.

“The successful applicants (referred to as ‘the adoptive home’) will commit to do their best to fly the flag in an appropriate and respectful manner after as many wins as possible (regular season only; spring training at your discretion),” Frank wrote. “All flag protocols, including the lowering of the flag after a loss, shall be followed to the best of the adoptive home’s ability.”

Part of the agreement means accepting that the flag stays at CSU in perpetuity: all applicants must commit to finding a replacement Cubs fan once they graduate.

“The flag’s current owner reserves the right to verify the successful applicant’s actual fandom,” Frank wrote. “This is a wonderful flag deserving of a good home. It was worn in one CSU graduation (December 2016) but has otherwise been well-kept and maintained. It has a long life ahead of it. Please consider being a part of giving it a CSU home.”

— Matt Schubert, The Denver Post

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