Parents sue Centennial adoption agency claiming Chinese boy was child pedophile

An Indiana couple has sued a Centennial adoption agency claiming the teen boy they brought home from China had an undisclosed history of sexual trauma and raped their two younger children.

The couple brought the civil lawsuit against Chinese Children Adoption International of Centennial on Tuesday in U.S. District Court in Denver for themselves and on behalf of two Chinese boys, the lawsuit said. The Denver Post is withholding the couple’s name to protect the identity of juvenile sexual assault victims.

The couple are asking for an unspecified amount of money and a judge’s order ensuring the adoption agency follow court-ordered protocols that keep families and children safe, according to the lawsuit filed by Indianapolis attorneys Jonathan Little, Derrick Morgan and Annemarie Alonso.

“We have great empathy for the family that brought this suit, but we strongly and categorically deny the allegations,” said the Rev. Joshua Zhong, the Chinese Children Adoption International co-founder and president. “We expect a full vindication through the courts. We stand behind our decades-strong reputation as a professional and ethical non-profit having served thousands of families and children here and in China.”

The Terre Haute, Indiana couple began adopting Chinese children after their six children reached adulthood, the lawsuit said. They adopted a boy identified as N in 2014 through Bethany Christian Services.

In 2015, they adopted a boy they believed was 12 through the Centennial agency. But at the time the Chinese orphan was at least 15 or 16 years of age, the lawsuit said. He was identified as L in the lawsuit.

Within a month after L’s adoption, the couple’s first boy started showing signs of a problem, including a loss of appetite and hair loss, the lawsuit said.

In 2016, the couple used the Centennial agency to adopt a third boy, age 5, who was identified in court records as J. J would awake screaming and crying, and N would run into his parents room every night, the lawsuit said.

J complained of pains in the buttocks, but at first the couple believed the pain was from cigarette burns he had received while being abused in a Chinese orphanage, the lawsuit said.