Rockies Mailbag: Colorado’s bad record doesn’t trump the “experience” of Coors Field

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With the disastrous Rockies season mercifully coming to an end, is there any accountability by (owner) Dick Monfort to improve this awful product? From my vantage point, it appears the GM (general manager Jeff Bridich) has made too many blunders to list here with his free-agent signings (considering he was bidding against himself last offseason). Whatever method he is using to evaluate players seems horribly flawed.
— Mike, Englewood

Mike, I understand your frustration because I receive a lot of emails (and I mean a lot) regarding the topic of Monfort and Bridich.

“Accountability” for Monfort comes only from the fans — and from the media.

Despite the Rockies’ terrible record (60-84, 34-35 at home and on pace for a 68-94 season) and some truly ugly baseball, the Rockies are on pace to draw more than 3 million fans to Coors Field this year. The Rockies currently rank sixth in the majors in attendance, averaging 37,281 fans per game. Clearly, Colorado’s bad record doesn’t trump the “experience” of Coors Field.

I don’t advocate some sort of fan boycott at Coors, because I think a full ballpark is good for the Colorado sports scene. I hate empty ballparks in other cities. But I certainly can understand why some fans would choose to not to pay for the product currently on the field. That’s an individual choice.

But I certainly wouldn’t be against the fans voicing their disproval — loudly – when the team plays like, well, you know … Of course, part of the problem with that idea is that many fans that go to Coors don’t pay a lot of attention to the action on the field. I don’t see that changing.

To be fair, I should also add that Monfort has been spending money. Colorado’s total payroll is $156.6 million, ranking 12th in the majors. It’s by far the biggest payroll in Rockies history.