Rose Tico Arrives in New Rise of Skywalker Banners

A few key characters have appeared in some new images promoting The Rise of Skywalker in the form of Rose Tico and the Knights of Ren. These characters are going to be in the movie, that much was already made clear. But to what degree they will be utilized in the plot, and the marketing for that matter, remains to be seen. As fans of Boba Fett or Captain Phasma are surely aware, the amount of attention one gets in trailers, on images and via merchandise isn’t necessarily an indication of how much screen time that character is going to get.

First up, let’s discuss Rose Tico. Kelly Marie Tran’s character was a new addition to the fold in The Last Jedi. While some fans strongly disliked her, others fell in love with Rose and felt represented by her. As such, when Triple Force Friday hit last week, many were shocked to discover Rose was mostly absent from the toys and merchandise available in stores. However, a new promo image has surfaced that shows Rose standing alongside Poe, Rey, Finn and Naomi Ackie’s Jannah.

At the very least, this means Rose isn’t being systematically scrubbed from the marketing for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker as some fans had feared. Whether or not she begins to show up on shirts, posters and other merch, or even the full-length trailer, which should be coming very soon, remains to be soon. Still, this image asserts that Rose will be an important member of the core group of Resistance fighters once again.

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Next up, we’ve got a banner image that divides the First Order and the Resistance right down the middle. On the right, we’ve got the trilogy’s trio of main heroes, Rey, Poe and Finn. On the left, we’ve got Kylo Ren out front, with his newly reassembled mask. Most importantly, a couple of members of the Knights of Ren are standing behind him, looking rather menacing. The Knights of Ren were first teased in Rey’s Force dream in The Force Awakens. Yet, they didn’t appear at all in The Last Jedi, to the chagrin of many. But director J.J. Abrams has made it clear they’re going to factor into Episode IX.

Triple Force Friday truly marked the first major marketing push for this movie. That means we’re going to see more images, merch and footage steadily make its way online over the coming weeks leading up to the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker on December 20. Though, as we’ve learned in recent years, toys and promo images aren’t always a true indication of what to expect from the movie, so keep that in mind when it comes to any speculating. Be sure to check out the images from Reddit below.

New Star Wars The Rise of SkyWalker Promo Banner from r/StarWarsLeaks

TROS promo banner with Rose and Jannah added from r/StarWarsLeaks