Letters: There will be real benefits of a climate battle; Unions (and their money) oppose school choice; The truth about electability (10/21/19)

There will be real benefits of a climate battle

Re: “Americans fear climate change and cost of fighting it,” Oct. 14 opinion column

The recent column: “Americans fear climate change — and the cost of fighting it” makes some good points but it is not necessarily correct to say that fighting climate change implies present sacrifice to build for the future.

Like the ecological impacts of climate change, there will certainly be winners and losers as mitigation policies are implemented. But recent analyses suggest that if all benefits are included then overall societal benefits likely exceed the costs.

One reason for this is that technologies which reduce fossil fuel emissions often decrease air and water pollution and lead to immediate health care savings. Behavioral changes, such as driving less and walking/bicycling more for transportation, not only diminish emissions but also enhance physical and mental health.

Decreasing food waste reduces the impact of the agricultural sector as well as extending the life of municipal landfills. If we include improved ecosystem function, then it becomes clear that many mitigation strategies produce wins for the climate, humans and local environments.

Stephen Del Grosso, Fort Collins

Unions (and their money) oppose school choice

Re: “Support candidates who know value of school choice,” Oct. 11 opinion column