Denver to treat icy residential streets following complaints

Following complaints of ice, snow and sludge clogging Denver’s thoroughfares, the city’s snow plows will hit residential streets Monday evening and Tuesday to drop de-icing chemicals, said Nancy Kuhn, spokesperson for Denver Public Works.

“This unprecedented effort is in response to concerns from the city’s residents as to the length of the time it is taking the side streets to recover,” Kuhn said.

About 30 snow plows will be used in the effort, and “every side street will be addressed,” Kuhn said.

The announcement comes nearly a week after the city received 9.5 inches of snow in a storm that included the biggest one-day snowfall since early 2016.

The level of outrage and frustration among residents has grown as the days passed and the snow hardened into icy ruts. Cold temperatures and overcast skies have helped keep the streets messy.

Elena Cano swore as she carefully walked over ice near Grant and 7th streets Monday afternoon.

“I don’t think it’s been this bad for a couple of years,” Cano said.

Barbara Bouche, who lives on South Lafayette Street, said “outraged” is an understatement.

“My hunch is that the city said it’s a holiday weekend and it’s supposed to warm up,” Bouche said.