Former Aspen businessman found guilty of marijuana crime, securities fraud

A former Aspen businessman was convicted Friday by an Arapahoe County jury on six felony counts involving illegally cultivating marijuana, shipping it out state and swindling investors, according to prosecutors.

Scott Pack, 41, now a California resident, was indicted in June 2017, along with 19 other defendants, after an investigation that started in August 2016, according to a district attorney’s office news release.

Under the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act, Pack was found guilty of two counts of racketeering and conspiracy, a first-class drug felony, conspiracy to cultivate marijuana and two counts of securities fraud.

“Coloradans did not pass Amendment 64 to become the Wild West of Weed. Despite the perception that marijuana is completely legal, it is not,” District Attorney George Brauchler said in the release. “Colorado created a regulatory framework that we defend by aggressively prosecuting those, including the rich, who choose greed over our laws.”

At that time of the indictment, investigators found an illegal marijuana operation at a site in Elizabeth with 845 marijuana plants weighing 2,535 pounds. The illegal marijuana was valued at more than $5 million, the release said.

The operation, known as “Harmony & Green,” sold no legal marijuana and did not pay any marijuana taxes, prosecutors said. Marijuana from the operation, which included other sites, was distributed illegally to at least five states.