Letters: Easter should not be target date; Safe shopping at Trader Joe’s; It’s more than a slogan (3/26/20)

Easter should not be target date

Re: “Trump hoping to see the U.S. economy reopened by Easter,” March 25 news story

President Donald Trump’s comments Tuesday about America’s response to the corona- virus crisis were not just irresponsible, they were dangerous.

At a time when this country’s only hope for avoiding massive loss of life as a result of COVID-19 is to double down on sheltering in place, the president mused about having “packed churches all over our country” on Easter, a mere 2½ weeks away. This is nonsense, and these comments send absolutely the wrong message to Americans who may be questioning whether they really need to upend their lives and isolate themselves.

The current explosion of coronavirus cases in New York demonstrates that America is on track to experience massive death tolls on par with what is now happening in Italy and Spain. Only a comprehensive nationwide mobilization reminiscent of our country’s response to World War II will avert such a catastrophe. A $2 trillion rescue package will help, but it alone will not suffice. Americans need to hunker down.

America needs true presidential leadership right now to persuade people to make the sacrifice our situation requires. This is no time for vague, unsubstantiated pronouncements and wishful thinking. What we need from our president right now is hard truth and hope.

Rick Young, Castle Rock

Let us all take a moment on Good Friday to remember those who gave their lives for the Easter resurrection of Wall Street.

Sandra Nicholson, Highlands Ranch